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The Car Crash Seminar

Austin – Aug 17-18, 2017 – Norris Conference Center
Live Webcast – Aug 17-18, 2017

The Car Crash Seminar is the ULTIMATE program for practitioners of all experience levels. In-depth fundamentals take you from initial client contact through trial or settlement. Come away with the definitive set of resource materials including sample forms.   2017 program highlights: Gain practical tips and strategies for plaintiff and defense counsel, including working up the case, managing client expectations, negotiating with the insurance adjuster, guidance on the use of medical records, persuading the jury, and making effective opening statements and closing arguments Hear a summary of current legislative issues and outcomes affecting personal injury attorneys Obtain an overview of Texas auto policies, including truck wrecks, damages, ride-sharing service claims, and more Examine the ever-changing rules regarding Medicare and Medicaid, ERISA, workers’ comp, hospital liens, state and local employees, and disability plans Learn about the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of common spinal injuries caused by motor vehicle collisions Explore the innovative technology and accident reconstruction resources to support your electronic trial presentation Hear the judicial perspective on what does and doesn't work well in jury trials Earn up to 11.00 hours of MCLE credit, including 2.50 hours of ethics credit Enhance your car crash knowledge. Regardless of your experience level, you don’t want to miss this program! more »

Total Credit Hours:
11.00 | 2.50 ethics    Credit Info
Civil Appellate Law
Civil Trial Law
Personal Injury Trial Law
Bring the conference in-house. Audio presentations, papers, and slides for learning with your colleagues—for MCLE credit.

Includes audio plus a binder for each participant.
On-demand learning. Stream or download the best presentations from our live conferences—for MCLE credit.

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National and Texas Trends and Developments for Health Plans and Providers

Janet Walker Farrer, Leah Stewart
Presented at the 2017 Health Law Conference

Paper – 12 pgs
Slides – 18 pgs
Audio – 45 mins
Paper – 12 pgs preview Slides – 18 pgs preview Audio preview

Title and Survey Essentials: State Variances / Wind and Solar Distinguished

Larry Bonney, India James
Presented at the 2017 Renewable Energy Law

Slides – 14 pgs
Audio – 36 mins
Video – 36 mins
Slides – 14 pgs preview Audio preview Video preview

The Independent Injury Rule: A View from Both Sides of the Aisle

David A. Kirby, Jason Christopher McLaurin
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 12 pgs
Slides – 27 pgs
Audio – 24 mins
Paper – 12 pgs preview Slides – 27 pgs preview Audio preview

Social Media and Homeowners Insurance: Are Your Facebook Posts Covered?

Clayton N. Matheson
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 16 pgs
Slides – 13 pgs
Audio – 27 mins
Paper – 16 pgs preview Slides – 13 pgs preview Audio preview

Decades of Unexpected, Accidental, and Wild Changes in Insurance Law Practice

J. Mark Lawless, Brian S. Martin, Michael Sean Quinn
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 64 pgs
Audio – 59 mins
Paper – 64 pgs preview Audio preview

​When One is Many: Occurrences, Insurance Towers, and Exhaustion

R. Brent Cooper, Patrick J. Wielinski
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 20 pgs
Audio – 56 mins
Paper – 20 pgs preview Audio preview

​The ‘Unauthorized Insurance’ Provisions of the Texas Insurance Code: The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly or The Consequences of Not Quite Getting It Right

Bogdan Rentea
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 53 pgs
Audio – 23 mins
Paper – 53 pgs preview Audio preview

Hail and Windstorm First Party Property Claims

Daniel Buechler, Robert D. Green
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 31 pgs
Slides – 32 pgs
Audio – 46 mins
Paper – 31 pgs preview Slides – 32 pgs preview Audio preview

Appraisals: If, When, and How

Laura Grabouski, Shannon E. Loyd
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Paper – 26 pgs
Slides – 10 pgs
Audio – 43 mins
Paper – 26 pgs preview Slides – 10 pgs preview Audio preview

What I Had to Learn (and What I Wish I'd Been Taught)

Donnie M. Apodaca II, Michael M. Gavito, Cyrus W. Haralson
Presented at the 2016 Insurance Law Institute

Slides – 7 pgs
Part 1 – 29 mins
Part 2 – 2 mins
Slides – 7 pgs preview
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