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Privacy and Data Security in an Increasingly Globalized World

Francoise Gilbert, Elizabeth C. Rogers
Presented at the 2017 Essential Cybersecurity Law

Slides – 18 pgs
Audio – 42 mins
Video – 42 mins
Slides – 18 pgs preview Audio preview Video preview

Protecting Confidential Information in the Age of Cyber Attacks: Do You Have a Plan?

Jason M. Storck, Laura Fauber, Edward Holman
Presented at the 2017 Labor and Employment Law Conference

Paper – 22 pgs
Slides – 9 pgs
Audio – 26 mins
Video – 26 mins
Paper – 22 pgs preview Slides – 9 pgs preview Audio preview Video preview

Cybersecurity for Oil & Gas Attorneys: Understanding the Ethical and Legal Obligations

Will R. Daugherty, Bart W. Huffman
Presented at the 2017 Ernest E. Smith Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Institute

Slides – 16 pgs
Audio – 64 mins
Video – 64 mins
Slides – 16 pgs preview Audio preview Video preview

Cyber-Secure Attorneys:  Ethical Obligations, Ambiguities, and Practical Considerations

Peter Brooke Haskel
Presented at the 2017 Land Use Conference

Slides – 21 pgs
Audio – 40 mins
Video – 40 mins
Slides – 21 pgs preview Audio preview Video preview