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Austin – AT&T Conference Center – May 30-31, 2024

Live Webcast – May 30-31, 2024

UT Law CLE's 31st Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference is the premier program on employment law practice in Texas. By bringing together leading members of the bar, personnel experts, and in-house counsel, the conference offers timely updates, emerging trends, and the variety of perspectives practitioners need. Topics will include:   NLRB: An Inside the Beltway Perspective on Federal Labor Policy What's Weird About Texas Yet Another Acrimonious Election Year: The Challenge of Political Talk at Work (and On Social Media) The New World of Pregnancy Accommodations It Says What? Retaliation: Still the Most Attractive Claim for Plaintiffs and Most Complicated for Defendants What’s It Going to Take: Settlement Value/Monetizing Your Case Groff v. DeJoy: A Year Later and Other Emerging Issues in Religious Accommodation AI: Promising and Problematic  Ethics: Officer of the Court Following the conference, attendees will receive a bonus eSupplement to ensure practitioners can earn their required 15.00/3.00 Texas MCLE hours for the year.

  • Total Credit Hours:
  • 11.75 | 2.00 ethics
  • Credit Info
  • Specializations:
    Civil Appellate Law, Civil Trial Law, Labor and Employment Law
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STUDIO WEBCAST – Jun 14, 2024

10:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. (1.00 hr) What Texas Lawyers Need to Know About the FTC Non-Compete Rule Did the FTC really ban all non-competes? What kinds of restrictions are still allowed? What is a de facto non-compete? What happens to pending lawsuits? Will the federal courts block the rule? Is it retroactive? What are the exceptions? What should lawyers for employers do right now? Two specialists in Texas non-compete litigation will answer these and other burning questions about the FTC’s new non-compete rule.  Elisaveta (Leiza) Dolghih, Dolghih Law Group PLLC - Dallas, TX Zach Wolfe, Zach Wolfe Law Firm - Houston, TX   If you cannot watch the entire webcast at its scheduled time, register now and view the recording and eCourse when it is available in “Your Briefcase” after the webcast.  Earn CLE credit (in TX and CA) on your time!

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Live Webcast – Aug 23, 2024

Essential Employment Law is a one-day live webinar HR program led by employment law experts and is designed to provide overviews and updates on issues related to Texas employment law. Content is extensive and exhaustive with topics ranging from employment-at-will to discrimination issues, wage and hour violations, retaliation, FMLA, changes in employment law impacting compliance efforts, and more.  This practical course provides detailed written materials and is ideal for HR professionals and beginning employment lawyers.