Travel and Reimbursement

Thank you for supporting UT Law CLE! Our programs rely on participation by our volunteers, and we are happy to reimburse you for any necessary expenses you incur as a result of your involvement. Speakers can find a copy of our Request for Reimbursement of Expense with instructions here.  Reimbursements also require a Payee Information Form, available here.

At UT Law CLE, we want to make sure you are reimbursed for your necessary expenses, so please familiarize yourself with our Comprehensive Reimbursement Policy and if you have any questions regarding travel reimbursement policies, eligible reimbursable expenses, or required documentation, please contact us at (512) 475-6700 prior to incurring the expense. As a governmental entity, UT Law CLE is subject to a number of requirements and restrictions on these reimbursements, so adherence to this policy is essential for a timely reimbursement. Reimbursements typically take 6-8 weeks to process at the university.

We recommend that air travel and rental cars be booked through our UT contracted travel agency Anthony Travel to avoid having to go out of pocket.  Contact an Anthony Travel agent for assistance directly via phone at 512-617-8444 or email to and mention “UT Law CLE” for fare approval and direct billing to UT Law CLE.

Finally, please note that UT Law CLE is a self-supporting department of The University of Texas School of Law. Any revenue we generate in excess of our costs goes to support scholarships and other student benefits and educational programs. We are grateful to the many speakers and their firms who graciously pay their own travel expenses to speak at our conferences as a way of giving back to the law school.  Thank you for your support!

Materials Guidelines

Substantive, high quality written materials are vital to our conferences, and are generally expected from presenters. They greatly enhance the understanding of your topic matter for attendees, and they are important for the accreditation of our conferences for continuing professional education.

Materials – including papers, PowerPoints, and speaker biographies – are generally due 30 days prior to the start of the conference.  This time allows the Event Manger to compile the materials, format them as necessary, and get them printed for attendees.  Materials should be submitted as e-mail attachments to your Event Manager by the deadline provided, and should be left in their native format. We accept Word documents (.doc), WordPerfect documents (.wpd), PowerPoint presentations (.ppt), and Adobe Portable Document Format files (.pdf). For more information, please review our Course Materials Guidelines, which describe formatting, file naming, and submission information:
  • Papers: Papers are welcome for all sessions, and frequently serve as a valuable resource for attendees long after the conference concludes. Please insert this cover sheet at the front of your paper to ensure uniformity in our course materials.
  • PowerPoints: PowerPoints help attendees follow along with speaker remarks, and can serve as a useful resource after the conference. Please review our Course Materials Guidelines for specific details on how PowerPoint slides should be formatted for maximum effectiveness. Click here for a UT Law CLE PowerPoint template.
  • Speaker Biographies: Speaker biographies are included in the course binder and are used by the Presiding Officer to introduce each speaker. Biographies are typically one page long but can be shorter. Click here for a sample.
Please Note: UT Law CLE cannot guarantee inclusion of documents received after the deadline in the course materials provided to attendees. If the deadline is not met, you may be asked to provide printed copies of your course materials for attendees at the conference. If this creates undue hardship, or if there is some situation that you believe warrants special consideration, please let us know.

Authorizations to Publish

UT Law CLE records all events in order to provide the recording to conference attendees and to make the conference available to those not able to attend it live.  Recording is typically done by video, but is occasionally audio-only.  Written materials provided to attendees through the conference are also made available after the fact to both conference attendees and those not able to attend in-person.  All speakers are therefore asked to complete an Authorization to Publish granting UT Law CLE permission to make use of their presentation and materials towards this end.

Please Note: All UT Law CLE speakers and authors retain their underlying ownership and copyright in their presentations and materials.

Speaker and Topic Suggestions

UT Law is a nationally recognized provider of CLE, and we could not do that without the support of our volunteer speakers. To suggest a speaker/topic for one or more of our conferences, please click here for our suggestion submission form. Please note that the speaker's full name, session title, and session description will all be required.

Please note that conference program planning typically starts at least six months in advance. Submissions received after conference planning is underway may be held for the following year, or may be considered for shorter-format studio webcast programming.

Submit a Speaker Suggestion