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eSupplement to 2019 Page Keeton Civil Litigation Conference (Preorder)

Contains material from Jun 2018 to Nov 2019

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Session 1: Do's and Don'ts of Discovery in Texas Civil Proceedings - Cover tips and traps relating to seeking and resisting discovery in litigation pending in Texas state courts. Focus on the Texas discovery rules and cover both written discovery and depositions.

Session 2: Trial Themes Every case, large or small, complex or simple, has an overarching trial theme. Discuss various approaches a number of seasoned trial lawyers have taken to developing and delivering trial themes.

Session 3: Temporary Injunction Hearings: What Works, What Doesn’t You know the buzzwords: likelihood of success, imminent harm, irreparable injury. But what do the legal requirements for a temporary injunction mean in practice, and how do you prove—or disprove—them? A panel of litigators covers both legal principles and practice tips.

Session 4: Insurance Update - The Fifth Circuit and Texas Supreme Court have issued opinions important to understanding changes in the handling of first party insurance claims and liability insurance situations, including Stowers. This update provides details.

Session 5: Commercial Litigation Financing and Structuring: Common Questions and Ethical Issues - The commercial litigation finance market is expanding rapidly, enabling claimants with limited resources to pursue commercial litigation claims that may be otherwise cost prohibitive. And as more funders enter the market, litigation finance deals are growing in complexity. Join Eric Chenoweth as he discusses the mechanics of structuring litigation finance transactions and examines the options available to claimants and their lawyers to finance litigation.  Also learn about relevant case law and other ethical issues associated with third-party funding and how the courts have addressed these issues.

Session 6: Construction Defect Cases New laws passed in the most recent session of the legislature impact how these cases will proceed in the future. This presentation discusses these changes and provides an overview of issues in construction and property damage cases.

Session 7: Outsourcing Legal Work What kinds of legal services can you outsource? How do you go about it and how do you effectively protect client confidences when you do? This presentation explores three areas: core legal services (legal research, deposition summaries, drafting, etc.), support services (bookkeeping, website development, HR, etc.) and ancillary services (tenant representatives, retirement plan implementation, or other professional services for one-off-projects).

Session 8: Race, Truthiness and the New Ethics - What new responsibilities do lawyers have in the era of fewer trials and more ADR? What does any of that have to do with LBJ? What are the “new ethics”. Take a look at the changing landscape of litigation over the last fifty years.

Session 9: “Trying” Situations for Trial Attorneys: Top Issues and Everyday Practices to Avoid Malpractice - Explore some of the top issues or common “missteps” that can get small-firm/solo practitioner trial attorneys into trouble, as well as the critical importance of being “selfish” about your own health and fitness avoid malpractice.
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Expected availability 11/22/2019
TX MCLE credit expires: 10/31/2020

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