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2020 Special Needs Trusts eConference (Preorder)

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The 16th Annual Changes and Trends Affecting Special Needs Trusts brings together nationally recognized professionals in the SNT field, features the latest updates and hot topics, and offers a great set of materials including sample forms, drafting tips, sample language, and resources. This year’s program includes:
  • An overview of special needs trusts essentials, including SNT BasicsPooled SNTs: Guidelines for Best PracticesMaximizing Public Benefits (Basics), and Emerging Trends in SNTs.
  • Learn about the New POMs Clarification on the Fee Approval Requirements.
  • The SSA’s Regional Trust Leads discuss the regional centralization of the SSI trust review business process, including 2019 POMS updates.
  • Learn tools and specific recommendations of large and small distributions for evaluating requests in part through quality of life considerations.
  • An overview of support issues in divorce cases involving children and spouses with disabilities and the use of SNTs to protect benefits.
  • Interplay of Guardians and Trustees In and Out of Court + Administering SNTs Established in Other States and Other SSA Regions.
  • A variety of other SNT topics, including Protecting and Maximizing Public Benefits (Advanced)Public Benefits for Children, IRA and SNTs, social security fee petitions, and more.
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Expected availability 4/1/2020
TX MCLE credit expires: 3/31/2021