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Ethics of Contract Drafting

Contains material from Sep 2020

Ethics of Contract Drafting
4.44 out of 5 stars
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Well-done, but please turn OFF computer sounds (alerts, etc.) while presenting - - the beeps and chimes during the session were distracting.

It was great but his email delivery signal kept going off throughout. I wish he had silenced that before he started.

There was a glitch in the audio and constant bells sounding throughout the presentation that were distracting.

This was extremely helpful. It's an important topic and it was taught well with great, practical examples.

great presenter

Good presenter. There was an annoying "bell ringing" throughout the presentation. Could be the computer on my end, but sounded like a "ding" you get when an email arrives. Anyway, I like the presenter's style and practical approach.

Claude is a delight. Very helpful.

Very good


very useful ethical presentation for transactional lawyers

Excellent speaker engagement and detailed materials

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Includes: Video Slides

  • Total Credit Hours:
  • 1.00 | 1.00 ethics
  • Credit Info
  • TX, CA
  • TX MCLE credit expires: 9/30/2023

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1. Ethics of Contract Drafting (Sep 2020)

Claude E. Ducloux

1.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 | 1.00 ethics
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57 mins
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Session 1 —57 mins
1.00 | 1.00 ethics
Ethics of Contract Drafting (Sep 2020)

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Originally presented: Sep 2020 Ethics of Contract Drafting

Claude E. Ducloux, Attorney at Law - Austin, TX