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A Lawyer's Duty in a Democracy Under Attack

Contains material from Apr 2023

A Lawyer's Duty in a Democracy Under Attack
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Good ideals, but not sure how easy it is to put the ideals into practical action. People do not revere lawyers anymore. The commercials have solidified that. As I saw on a forum the other day, "98% of lawyers give the other 2% a bad name." And, with social media, it is impossible to stop or refute disinformation. Several years ago I tried doing that. My blood pressure shot through the roof, I had to get on medication, and thankfully I got off social media to get myself back in check.

I would include much more details in situations suggesting attorneys are not involved in protecting democracy. Often attorneys are most concerned about successful practice of law for clients.

Excellent CLE, very informative and timely


Very good analysis of our history and current state with a focus on characteristic which threaten us.

Outstanding presentation! Mike, did a very good job of distilling what it means to be lawyer in a democracy under attack.

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1. A Lawyer's Duty in a Democracy Under Attack (Apr 2023)

Michael Curry

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Session 1 —43 mins
0.75 | 0.75 ethics
A Lawyer's Duty in a Democracy Under Attack (Apr 2023)

An examination of lawyers' duty to support the Constitution and democratic principles when they are being challenged. 

Originally presented: Apr 2023 First Friday Ethics (April 2023)

Michael Curry, Attorney-Mediator - Austin, TX