Scholarship Application

We recognize that lawyers may occasionally need financial assistance to fulfill their MCLE requirements. As a service to the legal community and as part of our vision to Practice Excellence, UT Law CLE makes available a limited number of full or partial scholarships to attend a conference or webcast.

Applications must be completed at least 30 days before the program start date. Late applications will not be considered. Scholarship decisions are based on financial need and other pertinent considerations (e.g., extensive pro bono service). However, only one scholarship will be awarded to the same individual during any 12-month period. Past scholarship recipients are not guaranteed future awards.

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  11. 11. Conference for which Scholarship is requested
  12. 12. Amount (if any) you are able to pay towards registration (Please note that full scholarships are extremely limited, and your ability and willingness to partially support your participation in the live or on-demand CLE increases the likelihood we will be able to assist you.)
  13. 13. Statement of Need (Please explain the circumstances that give rise to your need for a scholarship.)
  14. 14. Statement of Benefit (Please explain how this specific program will benefit your law practice)
  15. 15. Please provide any additional information you believe may be relevant to your application. (optional)
  16. 16. Please enter your name below as Verification (By signing below, you affirm that the statements made herein are true and due to financial hardship you are applying for this financial assistance to attend the above referenced UT Law CLE conference.)