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Practical Tips from Writ Litigators

Catherine G. Burnett, Baldwin Chin, Bladwin Chin
Presented at the 2020 Robert O. Dawson Conference on Criminal Appeals

From Paper:
Tips from Writ Litigators Baldwin Chin Catherine Greene Burnett Baldwin Chin Ft. Bend Co. District
any other aspect of 11.07 or 11.072 proceedings with you. Additionally, Baldwin is happy to send any habeas forms...

Paper – 15 pgs
Slides – 9 pgs
Audio – 31 mins
Paper – 15 pgs preview Slides – 9 pgs preview Audio – 31 mins preview

Maximizing Your Firm's Profit with Better Financial Data

Peter M. Baldwin
Presented at the 2018 STUDIO WEBCAST Maximizing Your Firm's Profit with Better Financial Data

From Paper:
Maximizing Your Firm’s Profit with Better Financial Data Peter M. Baldwin, MBA Do you understand the difference between cash
financial management, Peter Baldwin transitioned into CFO-related work. As Peter began to understand and meet the needs of his...

Paper – 22 pgs
Slides – 20 pgs
Video – 62 mins
Paper – 22 pgs preview Slides – 20 pgs preview Video – 62 mins preview

Publicly Traded Vehicles for the Energy Industry

Robert Baldwin, Timothy J. Devetski, C. Timothy Fenn, Caroline Hay, Jordan H. Mintz, Bill H. Wilson Jr.
Presented at the 2015 Parker C. Fielder Oil and Gas Tax Conference

From Slides: Panelists:Panelists: Robert Baldwin PwC – Dallas, TX b t b ld i @ Jordan H. Mintz Kinder Morgan, Inc. – Houston...

Slides – 67 pgs
Audio – 76 mins
Slides – 67 pgs preview Audio – 76 mins preview

Contracting with the Government

George C. Baldwin
Presented at the 2004 Construction Law Conference

From Paper:
Contractual Sovereign Immunity in the State of Texas: Can the King Really Do No Wrong? George C. Baldwin
Author Contact Information: George C. Baldwin Ford, Nassen & Baldwin, P.C. 98 San Jacinto...

Paper – 18 pgs
Paper – 18 pgs preview

Maximizing Flexibility through Disclaimer Trusts

Michael John Baldwin
Presented at the 2003 Estate Planning, Guardianship and Elder Law Conference

From Paper:
Flexibility with Disclaimer Trust Drafting Michael J. Baldwin DISCLAIMER TRUST DRAFTING – Page 1 MAXIMIZING

Paper – 21 pgs
Paper – 21 pgs preview
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